Essentials to Put on Your Baby Shower Registry

Okay, so you’re having a baby (congrats!!!), but now…. the Baby Shower.

When will it be?

Who will I invite?


This is my first baby – how can I possibly know what I’ll need?!

That’s why I’m here ladies.

To bring some peace of mind during this time of crazy hormones.

Not only did the party planning seem overwhelming, but the registry was a savage animal that I really needed help with (Shout out to my mom & Joe’s mom for helping me GREATLY with this!!!)

Thank God for Joe helping me with the strollers and car seats. I needed a man’s brain to figure out which one was best for us.

Alright, lets get down to what you really came to this post for – THE LIST.

Here’s what I would put on my registry if I had to do it all over again:

Diapers – I was extremely grateful for the amount of diapers we had stocked up when Noah was born. You could even have a raffle at your shower where the guests can bring a pack of diapers to be entered! *Pampers & Huggies have been our fav so far! Target brand is also great *

Wipes – (same as above)

NEWBORN COURSE by @TakingCaraBabies – TAKE THIS COURSE. Yes, I am yelling (nicely) at you through the computer screen. I recommend this to every single new parent I encounter. I am so grateful that Joe was so willing to trust me and take this course with me. It did wonders for our sleep and for our relationship as a couple. (See my post: How I Got My Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet)

Swaddle – this is NECESSARY for your sanity. We took @TakingCaraBabies ‘s Newborn Course, and it helped us more than I can put into words. One word of advice: take her class. Take it with your partner, and implement what she tells you. IT WORKS! I also would take it before the baby is born (not at 8 weeks like we did).

Bassinet – Honestly, the baby will be sleeping in your room in the bassinet for a few months. Plus Bassinet Sheets

Baby Monitor with Video – our lives changed for the better when we got one of these!

Rocking Chair

Salt Lamps

Crib – plus, Crib Sheets

Crib Mattress

Crib Mattress Cover – for when your little one has accidents during the night

Changing Table Pad – plus, Changing Table Covers (get at least 2)

Stroller – grab one for you and your partner. Joe and I each keep one in the trunk of our cars. Also make sure it is the same brand as your car seat so that the car seat will snap into it easily

Car Seat – I thought we needed 2, but honestly you only need one

Car Seat Base – A base will come WITH the car seat, but get an extra base for your partner’s car. You wind up bringing the car seat into the house, so you only need a base when you’re transporting the baby

Dr Brown’s Bottles – I wouldn’t even try any other brands. We did, and Noah was super gassy and uncomfortable. It was really heartbreaking to see our baby be in so much pain. I’ve talked to plenty of parents that have had extreme success with switching to this brand.

Bottle Cleaning Sponge

Bottle Drying Rack – very necessary!

Receiving and Muslin Blankets – We use plenty of these!!! Especially at 3 months when Noah is a drooling master and getting distracted while having his bottle. We use the Muslin Blankets as a swaddle when we forget to pack an actual swaddle while we’re out of the house.

Sound Machine – THIS is key. When you take @TakingCaraBabies ‘ Newborn Sleep Course, you’ll understand why this is helpful. We bring this when we’re in the car, or out at a restaurant and Noah is ready to sleep. It helps calm him down, and sounds like he’s back in mommy’s womb with the amniotic fluid

Bouncer – We have 2 of these and we kept one upstairs with us, and one downstairs. We had one in the bathroom so he could hang out while we showered and got ready. He started really using them when he was about 2 months old. We used to use them every day!

Jumper -Get one where your baby will be able to put his feet on the ground and jump around. Something similar to this one. Noah started using it around 5-6 months, and he still uses it every day at 9 months.

High Chair + Spacesaver High Chair – we use the spacesaver high chair upstairs in our home and bring it with us when we go out to eat.

Pack N Play – many uses for this! We kept this in our room when Noah got too big for the bassinet (about 5 months old). We also have one downstairs so he can hang out in it during the day.

Newborn Laundry Detergent + Dryer Sheets – we use the Dreft brand. You’ll be needing these!


Baby Shampoo

Baby Towels


Pacifiers – we use Nuk & Avent

That covers the basics!

Now of course, here’s some photos from our Baby Shower 🙂

If you’ve already had your baby, what other items would you add to this list?




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