Daily Routine During the First 9 Months of Motherhood

“It will be so easy to have balance and routine in my life once the baby is born. All they do is eat, sleep and poop anyway. How hard can it be?” Then reality hits. My life is no longer my own. I am responsible for another human. A real live baby that is mine.Continue reading “Daily Routine During the First 9 Months of Motherhood”

When Mom Life Seems Perfect on Social Media

We’ve all seen the perfect social media mom. Or so it seems. Make up done. Hair always looking beautiful. Happy baby 24/7. Wearing the cutest clothes. Cleanest looking house and kitchen. As a mom of a 6 month old, I can confidently say that is not how life really is. At all. Here’s what lifeContinue reading “When Mom Life Seems Perfect on Social Media”

How I Got My Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. As a new mom of an 8 week old, sleep will motivate me to do pretty much anything. I’m used to living off of naps, and sleeping for 2-3 hour stretches (none of which occur during the day). Any time I would put Noah down, and IContinue reading “How I Got My Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet”

What is Labor Really Like?

Towards the end of my pregnancy, all I kept asking myself was “How will I know I’m in labor?” All anyone kept telling me was “Oh, you will KNOW” Very reassuring, right? “It’s like super intense period cramps” the doctors would tell me. They couldn’t be more accurate. There’s no other way to describe it.Continue reading “What is Labor Really Like?”

8 Thoughts That Came Up When I Took My ‘Before’ Pictures

I’m so excited to start this journey 9 months of being pregnant. 8 weeks postpartum. I’m ready!! Wait, can I actually do this? Yeah, that little ego likes to come in and make me question everything. It all comes down to the core belief “I’m not good enough”. Somewhere deep inside, I have this beliefContinue reading “8 Thoughts That Came Up When I Took My ‘Before’ Pictures”