When Mom Life Seems Perfect on Social Media

We’ve all seen the perfect social media mom.

Or so it seems.

Make up done. Hair always looking beautiful. Happy baby 24/7. Wearing the cutest clothes. Cleanest looking house and kitchen.

As a mom of a 6 month old, I can confidently say that is not how life really is.

At all.

Here’s what life looks like for me 99% of the time:

Our bedroom is a mess

Diapers are left on the floor when Noah is screaming

Formula, Infant Water, and Bottles, are our interior decor

Laundry piles up in a day

We usually get to wash clothes, but only get to fold them days later

It’s a miracle if we’re able to put away the kid’s clothes AND ours in the same day

We have come to accept that bottles will always be dirty at the sink

I strategically place my shoes and coat at the kitchen table where I can put the baby in the car seat and run out of the house (every second matters)

We are ALWAYS on Noah’s schedule…. he doesn’t even have one, which means our plans are always changing

Whenever we’re running late (which is basically always), Noah loves to have poopy diapers

Self-care for myself exists in the form of 2 minute meditations, or a rushed gym session

Making the bed?? Lol

Showers are heaven on earth but are usually accompanied by a screaming baby and deciding whether or not I have time to shave my legs or wash my hair

Average shower time is 3 minutes long when Noah is around

We are home by 7pm every night because that’s when Noah goes to sleep, and once again….we are on his schedule

We haven’t watched a movie together since Noah was born

We often eat dinner while trying to soothe a cranky baby, or we eat while standing up and entertaining Noah

Noah wakes up about 3-7 times each night. I never know what to expect

Sleeping in the same bed as my fiancé for the night is a luxury

I can probably count how many times I’ve been able to do my hair and makeup since my son was born. Most days, it’s gym clothes, hair in a bun, and (maybe) mascara, with spit as an accessory on my shoulder. (Perks of a teething baby)

As for Noah, he usually has a certain time window right after he wakes up where he is the happiest baby ever. Reality is that babies are not happy all day long. Babies can be happy for 30 seconds, and then they realize they’re tired, want to be held, or want to play with different toys. Then it’s up to mom and dad to figure out what baby wants.

Really makes having a baby seem like the best thing ever, right?

But let me share with you the things that DO make having a baby the best thing ever.

I have a 24/7 best friend that makes me smile and laugh all day long

I get to wake up to his smile and unconditional love every day

As soon as I walk into the room, his eyes light up and he puts his arms out

I get to make friends with other moms now and have no filter with our relationships

I get to channel my abundant loving energy into the sweetest boy

I get to be silly and bring my inner child to life again!

I get to take tons and tons of pictures and videos

I get to be the mom I’ve always dreamt of being

The communication with my fiancé has excelled tremendously

Noah is the best motivation for literally anything in life

I get to see family members more often

I learned how to set boundaries, and to be okay with saying “no”

I’ve also learned how to ask for help – something I’ve been working on my whole life

I get to appreciate everything my parents did for me as a baby…staying up all night, getting no sleep, and loving the heck out of me regardless

I get to witness the miracle of life and watch Noah roll over for the first time, hear him say his first words, watch him take his first steps

I get to actually buy those cute baby clothes, lol

I get to have endless hugs, cuddles and kisses

I get to look into his eyes and know that he is the BEST thing that ever happened to me

Every aspect of life has it’s ups and downs. Some people choose to share only the good, and that’s OKAY. That’s their choice. Maybe that even could be your perception of me and my journey with motherhood? But my intention with this is to share that you are not alone. Moms all over the world are going through similar challenges.

I vow to support every single mom that comes my way.

I vow to see the blessings in you, when you cannot see them for yourself.

I vow to love you each unconditionally.




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