What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Things to Pack in your hospital bag

Oh, the hospital bag.

This thing is built up to be a crazy important item. I mean, sure, it is. But after having gone through that hospital stay, I would not have stressed about it NEARLY as much as I did.

I did not have peace of mind about the hospital bag until it was completely packed. Honestly though, it wont be “complete” until you’re ready to leave for the hospital.

Here’s why:

You’re going to want some larger items like a Boppy, and a comfortable pillow (or two) to sleep with. Your partner is also going to want to pack a pillow, blanket, and his night time essentials.

Most likely, you sleep with those comfortable pillows, and you’re not going to keep them all in your car until you’re ready to head out.

I was a nervous wreck about this hospital bag. I felt like I was going to forget something, or not have something extremely important (Reminder: you’ll have visitors, and they can ALWAYS stop at home to grab something).

I remember leaving the hospital and knowing that I needed to share my experience with new moms. We’re already overwhelmed with carrying a child – we don’t need to be any more anxious over a silly bag.

Realistically, here’s what I packed (and used):

Toothbrush (you + your partner)


Pillow (you + your partner)

Change of clothes (you + your partner)

Phone Charger

Bar of soap (you get to take a couple showers, horray!!)

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shaving Razor

Nursing Nightgown (these things are about $30-$40, but SO worth it!! I bought two, and have used them every night so far at home. I also used them in the hospital every day) ** make sure to buy Nursing Bras (Here) and Nursing Tanktops (Here) for after you get home! (I bought 2 bras – in tan and black and still use them every single day! Absolutely a must have! Bought them from Motherhood Maternity at Macy’s) I have 3 different nursing tank tops (Jessica Simpson brand) and also use them basically every day.**

A light robe (I bought Nursing Nightgowns – Jessica Simpson brand – from Motherhood Maternity)

Sweatpants (you’ll want loose fitting, comfortable clothes)

Going home outfit for you (again, comfortable)

Going home outfit for baby (onesies, pants, socks, mittens, hat)

SNACKS (someone else can bring these for you, but I ate quite a few protein bars. You’ll be up at crazy hours after delivering, and you may be hungry at 3am, or other times during the day)

Makeup (after I took a shower, I wanted to feel nice so I did my eyebrows, and applied mascara)



Boppy (you could also rig up a bunch of pillows)

Socks (hospital also gives you socks)

Warm blanket for baby (it gets cold in the hospital)

Hospital will supply:

Lanolin cream for breasts

Underwear (disposable – very attractive underwear might I add, but SUPER comfy)

Pads (you’ll need those things)

Formula Samples

Sits Bath

Hemorrhoid Pads (this deserves an entire blog post in itself)





Blankets for baby

That’s it! It’s really a simple list. I was overthinking everything because I had no clue if the hospital would give us diapers, nightgowns, pacifiers, what my underwear situation would be like…etc so I had packed all of those things.

This was my personal experience at our local hospital. If you have a specific question, I would check with the hospital you’ll be delivering at.

Is there anything else you’d add to my list?

Let’s help some new mommy’s out there!




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