8 Thoughts That Came Up When I Took My ‘Before’ Pictures

I’m so excited to start this journey

9 months of being pregnant. 8 weeks postpartum. I’m ready!!

Wait, can I actually do this?

Yeah, that little ego likes to come in and make me question everything. It all comes down to the core belief “I’m not good enough”.

Somewhere deep inside, I have this belief that I’m not good enough. Not good enough to be successful, to be with a man that loves me unconditionally, to have a body that I work so hard for… the list goes on.

There’s no reason to be ashamed of these beliefs. Wanna know why I’m happy I’m aware of them? So I can put action towards breaking those ridiculous things in my subconscious. Sharing my journey is part of that action.

What if I don’t look any different?

Ego again! Who cares if I don’t look any different? I’m trying. I’m starting.



Noah is going to be so big in 80 days!

My sweet boy. I swear I just had him. He was just in my belly right?? I’m sad that he’s growing so fast, but I’m extremely happy to be able to watch him grow. What is he going to look like in 80 days?! Excited for his transformation picture too💙

How am I even going to be able to get to the gym every day?

The dreaded question…How? We reside in our heads when we ask that question. Instead of letting energy flow, and trusting the Universe, we try to figure it out and become paralyzed.

The Universe will provide a method for me to spend an hour at the gym. I’m not sure how. I’m not sure when. It will probably look different each day. But I’m accepting. I’ll be sure to share those methods with you.

I shouldn’t post these pictures

I just had a baby & I am far from having a toned, perfect body. It took me 9 months to get here, and it’s going to take me a while to get back. Prior to pregnancy, I was extremely identified with my body. My self worth came primarily from how I looked.

Pregnancy forced me to get rid of that identification.

For now.

There are no guarantees in life.

That identification could come creeping back up and help me learn some more lessons.

What I know to be true is: the demon is never fully conquered.

It takes work. Every single day.

So here I am posting my “before” photos.


I am not my eating disorder. Food is fuel

Anorexia and Binge Eating Disorder ruled my life for far too long. I have beliefs in my subconscious around food that I actively work on.

Do I want to feel like sh*t?

Of course not.

Then I won’t primarily eat foods that deplete my energy.

I will be mindful of my body and listen to what it wants.


Pregnancy does not ruin your body

I remember having conversations when I was younger where I’d say “I could never have kids because my body would be ruined. I’d never get it back”

How sick and sad.

Over the years, my beliefs around that topic changed greatly. I am a firm believer that women CAN get their bodies back, and I am here to be an example of that.

If you’re a mom who had a baby and are giving up before even starting. I dedicate my journey to you. I am committing to 80 days of self love, self care and transformation.

I’ll show you what’s truly possible.



Starting Weight: 133.6lbs


To start your own transformation,

Click HERE

Fear cannot paralyze you any longer.

You’ve got this momma!



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